The Daily Helmet: Where Are Our Anniversary Throwbacks??

In 1994, the 75th Anniversary of the NFL, the league jumped into the world of throwback uniforms. At the time Throwbacks were a relatively new concept. A couple years earlier the NHL’s original six wore throwbacks for their 75th Anniversary, but many teams at that point were still wearing their original uniforms, so no throwbacks were worn. In 1990 the White Sox wore their 1918 uniforms in one of the earliest mentions of throwbacks.

Each team in the NFL that had them, wore throwbacks for the season. Even the officials wore throwbacks. Some of the better sets, included the “drunk bronco” Broncos throwbacks, The Bengals going back to their original uniforms, the Oilers of course and the Chargers and Patriots. Other teams like the Cowboys, Bills and Jets cheated and didn’t even change their helmet shells, in a sort of foreshadowing of the “one shell rule”. Then there the Steelers wore. Don’t think we will be seeing those again. The most famous throwbacks of that season may be the 49ers, who wore their throwbacks all the way to their Super Bowl XXIX victory.

Since then numerous throwbacks have been worn by almost every team in the NFL. The Bills Jets and Cowboys all brought back more era accurate throwbacks later on and in 2009 we were treated to some of the best looking games in history for the AFL 50th Anniversary. Once again the officials dressed up for the occasion.

This year marks the NFL 100th anniversary, marking the occasion with one of the worst designed logos a professional league has ever released. Making an updated 50th anniversary shield would have sufficed, but I guess they wanted to show-off their Microsoft Paint skills. Either way, what we all really want is more throwbacks to celebrate the anniversary. Earlier this year I posted about how it would be amazing if the league went full throwback for 2019. I mean why not? It would be amazing. Teams could pick one throwback to wear or maybe where all the uniforms in their history. I am aware this would never happen, for a variety of reasons. One, the NFL would never agree to shelf the primary kits, it would hurt sales and ultimately that is what is important. Pretty much every uniform decision that has been made the past couple decades was in the hopes of boosting jersey sales. Which is why some teams have changed multiple times in the past couple decades. The all-throwbacks season would also fix the issue of not being able to have multiple team-wide helmet changes. Instead they can pick their favorite throwback and stick with it all season. For the issue of the Oilers, the Houston Texans can wear one of the blue or silver helmet uniforms and the Titans can wear the only Oilers uniforms, not counting the 2009 throwbacks, that they wore in Tennessee. Other throwbacks I’d like to see:

1990s Bills: It has been long enough that lots of Bills fans were not even alive for the Super Bowl years, which makes it a perfect time to throwback to those uniforms. Lots of people still love the red helmets. The bad part would be having to get rid of the Standing Buffalo set which one of the best ever, but one season without them wouldn’t hurt.

Early 1960s Raiders: With the move to Vegas in 2020, it would be a perfect time for the Raiders to throwback to their early days with the gold trimmed uniforms. Supposedly Al Davis didn’t like them and the Raiders uniforms have been basically the same ever since. In 2009 they didn’t even wear them. I’m not sure about the black helmet, but I am sure some people would enjoy it.

Kelly Green Eagles: Enough said, this is what everyone wants.

Original Seahawks: I love the original Seahawks. Well, especially when they added the blue mask. I do not like the current set at all. Mainly due to their insistence on wearing monochromatic uniforms and the navy is just awful. Although they are a huge improvement over the 2002 changes. I’d love to see the bright blue and green back on the field. If I was uniform Czar, I would demand they design a modernized version of the original uniforms.

Barry era or 1970s Lions: The lions are one of those teams that should have taken a page from their divisional rivals and stuck to their classic look. the 1970s Lions were great and so were the Barry Sanders era, but for some reason they keep trying to fix what wasn’t broke. I guess this is what happens when a team hasn’t won much in the modern era.

1970s Vikings: The whole NFC North should have their classic uniforms. The Vikings are another if it wasn’t broke, why fix? The new uniforms are not horrible but why do they insist on gimmicky fonts and what is with the black mask?

Bucco Bruce Creamsicle Buccaneers: I don’t even really need to mention this. Everyone knows.

Oilers, Oilers , Oilers, Oilers.

What YOU should watch:

Normally I mention what I watched last night, but predictably I just watch another Oilers game. Sorry, it is what YouTube offers me on my home page and i can’t resist. Instead I will recommend you watch the Titans vs Patriots 2009 throwbacks game. Now, technically, I guess this is the Oilers too, but man was it a sight to behold. Not only were both teams wearing gorgeous throwbacks, but the snow added to the beauty even more. Now the game was as ugly as the uniforms were pretty with the Pats dominating and winning 59-0. Brady threw like a billion TDs and for some reason it was snowing in October. If you can’t sit through the whole thing, try some highlights.

Helmet Of The Day: Chicago Bears

The Bears helmet is such a classic. Generally I do not like Navy Blue, but the Bears brand of Midnight Navy blue is great and makes the orange on the uniforms pop. I like the Bears haven’t changed their uniforms at all, really. The uniforms worn today are essentially the same as Walter wore and Ditka wore. The best part of the bears uniform is their stripes, which you know are great when you can recognize the Bears even in old black and white leather helmet era pictures.