With the recent release of the new NFL ball that features a colorful metallic NFL shield, many people suggested that the NFL use team colored shields for the game balls like the XFL did during their short season.

Since 2006 teams are able to bring their own balls on the road, (previously the home team supplied the balls) so that both teams each have their own set of game balls. Since then the balls are subtly marked with the logo of each team so the officials and ball staff can quickly tell the difference. Adding team colors would just enhance that, except maybe when the Pats play the Texans where the Shield would look pretty much the same.

With that line of thinking, I decided to mock-up 32 team colored shields. To keep things simple I decided to use two main team colors for the shield and NFL letters, while keeping the stars, ball and background of NFL wordmark white. Similar to how the MLB does it with the logo on the back of each teams cap.

Although, the new ball has a silver background, I used white as metallic silver would be harder to show in this graphic. This way things are more coordinated and use the same template. This does create some issues for teams who have their main color as more of a secondary color like the Saints, but I tried to use the one that looked the best. I also used the current colors for all the teams and sourced those colors from the site. With the exception of the Rams, who have yet to be updated on that site, so I used the Rams logo release materials for their new colors.