The Daily Helmet:Custom #D Wood Helmet And Some Card Show Loot.

I had a custom 3D Wood Helmet Order for a Central Connecticut State Blue Devils helmet from their mid to late 1990s era uniforms and log. It actually was tough to find the exact logo from that era, but the person who ordered them was able to provide a picture of a decal that he had. Without it i would have to try and make a pattern from scratch using the black an white photos from the school’s yearbook and a couple other photos he supplied. The logo was actually pretty unique. Using a pitchfork design and a Green Bay Packers like oval to create the letter C with the negative space. The helmet logo also had another touch that I’ve never really seen before where the handle of the pitch fork wrapped around the front of the helmet to the center stripe. It made for a really fin project and in the end I think I got it pretty close to the real thing.

To get a pattern I used the free program Inkscape and utilizing the trace bitmap feature I was able to get a pretty good pattern of the logo to cut. The next step as it is with all of these wood projects, is to try and figure out a way to turn the simple one layered logo into something that is a few different layers.

I decided to make the white part the base layer and build up from there with the blue C and then added the two light blue parts between the pitchfork.

For this helmet I also used my lineman mask design. This was a super fin project and it is a shame that they don’t use this logo anymore for their helmets.

Card Show Loot

Over the weekend I hit up a small card show. This was mainly a pure card show with little to no vintage memorabilia which is more in my wheelhouse, but i did pick up some cool stuff.

It turns out there are thousands of autograph cards out there that are completely worthless. Players who were barely stars in college had their autograph cards for sale at this show. The seller was basically trying to get rid of them. the thing that caught my eye was these 3D helmet cards. I would have grabbed them without the autos, but having them is cool too. As a Hurricanes fan, I was looking for some of their cards. I snatched up these two Allen Bailey cards and this Greg Olsen card. The Bailey cards were from 2011 and the Olsen card was from 2007 when he was with the Bears.

I also picked up this unopened pack of 1985 cards. Can’t wait to open them. Hoping for a Walter Payton and /or a Warren Moon.

This will be a fun one to break open. I will try to spread it out for fun. There are not many cards worth anything from this set, but the this era of Upper deck football were really nice.