The Daily Helmet: The Place Where Pro Football, Comics And Pop Culture Collide Plus More Fleer Stickers

Pro Action Magazine (1993)

A couple weeks ago I found the first issue of Pro Action magazine at ta thrift store. It says right on the cover that it was a place where “Pro football, comics and pop culture collide.” The magazine mixes pro football stars, who seemed like real life superheroes and actual comic book heroes. With fashion, advice and other things. The magazine seemed pretty typical of the genre and really encapsulated 1990s culture. I bought this one for 99 cents, but it look like you can get other back issues for a few bucks. I scanned some of the highlights of the magazine.

In this issue Troy Aikman and Wolverine made the cover. I’m not sure if Wolverine in actually on the field as a player or if he is ripping through the cover. The idea of this magazine probably would not have interested me when I was a kid, because I was more into music than comics, and besides I was more of a Sports Illustrated for Kids guy.

love this Starter jacket ad featuring a number of period authentic coaches. Some really cool dudes in this group. It even features Bill Belichick, whom I cannot see modeling a jacket today.

Gotta love vintage ads with generic football uniforms featured. These look like surplus 1970s Falcons jerseys, but where the hell are the helmets?

You just have to wonder where these kids are today. I had one of those lightning bolt T-shirts when i was a kid. I think my father still has and wears his.

Another ad, this one for Fleer Ultra football cards.

Another Starter Ad.

What’s wrong with this picture? Figures. The referee is rooting for Dallas. I wonder if the non-NFL ball is one of the things wrong with the picture? Spoiler: it is:

In this part of the issue, legendary Charger Junior Seau (RIP) gives us a workout training course. No wonder kids were so ripped in 1993.

The best part of the magazine had to be this fashion spread, featuring a bunch of cool kids at the beach. The girl in the Patriots shirt had no idea how much of a Front-runner fan she would be in less than a decade.

The magazine also included these uncut cards. It had a sheet with four players and four superheroes.

I don’t know if I would pick up anymore issues of this magazine if I saw them, but future issues featured Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and Emmitt Smith. They seem to go from a couple bucks up to around 10 bucks, but I’m not sure they would be worth that much. Overall it is a cool window into a specific time in history.

Pro Action Magazine Kickoff Issue

More Fleer Stickers

I love Fleer Stickers. I just think that they are a lot of fun. Lately I have been finding a bunch for relatively cheap. A couple weeks ago I got that stack of MLB stickers and this week I picked up a complete 1980 NFL team logo set. I had already had a few of these, but I figured if I could find a cheap set i would complete the 1980 collection. Now, I will have to decide how to display it. I could get a frame for them or put them all in a book. I will have to decide. I like the idea of a frame, but my wall space is now non-existent. A book would be cool to have as well. Especially if I can find one like this:

The Chiefs Are Helmet Addicts, too.

If i had to come up with a definition of a helmet addict in the context of my site and Twitter page, it would be someone who loves football helmets, sports logos and anything vintage or retro of those things. Most teams ignore their old logos and retro artwork, which is disappointing seeing as we are upon another anniversary season. There is one team, though, who has impressed me this offseason with their social media accounts, tapping straight into everything I am about. Their faux retro helmet designs are amazing and as far as I saw, they were the only ones to use NFL films music and vintage clips to announce their 2019 schedule. Great stuff!