The Daily Helmet: The Biggest Football Card I Ever Did See

A week or two ago I mentioned how much I loved Action Packed cards. If you recall, these are the “3D” cards that released sets from 1989 to about 1996. One thing I failed to mention was that with the later sets Action Packed released what they called mammoth cards. These mammoth cards are exactly what they sound like. Oversized 8X10 versions of their cards. Perusing eBay I saw a bunch of these cards and they were all pretty cheap. I bought this Jim Kelly mammoth card for like three bucks with shipping. Inspecting the card when it arrived, it really is just a giant Action packed Card. The front has the 3D like action photos and the back has all of the statistics. These are really fun pieces to have and I think I will buy some more.

Here are some more Mammoth cards:

Barry Sanders: Love Barry and that era of Lions uniforms .

Dan Marino: Great looking Dan Marino Card, wearing what the Dolphins should still be wearing today.

Randall Cunningham of course gets his own mammoth card. Surprisingly, his backup Bubby Brister also got a card. Brister was mostly known as a Steeler, but started eight games for the Eagles in 1993.

I love this Steve Young Card. Uniform caked in mud, a great look.

This Jim Everett card notes that he was now with the Saints.

Same with this Warren Moon Card, which notes his move to Minnesota.

I really love these cards and I think I will slowly start collecting them. My favorite part is that they are so cheap!

3D Helmet Experiment

You will find tons of full size “concept” helmets and decals on ebay and other. People being creative with team designs, by making custom or using alternative logos or chrome decals. Most of them to me are pretty cringeworthy, but some can be pretty cool looking. I have not made any myself, because I am just too attached to the real designs, but maybe someday when I make as many of the actual helmets as possible. The easy thing i can do though, is make concept helmets out of wood. With my 3D helmets I can literally do whatever I want. I can use any logo or color. while painting and gathering up a few pieces for an order I decided to have some fun and added the Giants logo to a green jets helmet with a white mask and it actually looks pretty good. Maybe not to a Giants or Jets fan, but to me it looked good. This is just a two bar design, but it illustrates, I think how much better off the jets would have been with a white mask than the black mask they decided to use for their new uniforms.