The Daily Helmet: Sports Card Show Haul | Project Progress And More!

Sports Card Show Haul

Many years ago I used to go to sports card shows on a regular basis. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, nor did I have much money to buy the things I found. The last few years, though, I have started to hit the shows up again. My taste in the items may not be typical of the attendee as I do not really care about autographs at all. Most of the helmets people sell at these shows are ruined by some guy writing all over it and quadrupled the price! I mean, I have a few autographs in my collection, but I did not go out of my way to get any of them. They usually were signing pictures somewhere or something and I noticed the line wasn’t long, so I jumped in. I definitely have never paid for an autograph, with some of the top names fetching 100 bucks or more for a simple signature. The only person I might pay to get something signed is Bo Jackson. The rest of the shows is a whole lot of cards that are probably overpriced. With the internet now a thing, these shows can’t really overcharge and get away for it. I can just search ebay and let the guy know he’s dreaming. When I go to the show i usually look for certain things:

WFL and USFL stuff
Bo Jackson Stuff
Oilers Stuff
vintage Pennants
cheap unopened packs of cards
Whalers stuff
Game programs and lots of other low price, but cool items, like buttons, stickers and other thing like that.

Over the weekend I went to a show and saw lots of good stuff, but once again it seems like a lot of it was over priced. It is always funny to see a guy selling something for three times what I paid on eBay with shipping. I’m also not the shrewdest of negotiators and getting rejected hurts my feelings so I don’t haggle all that much, but I love finding cool stuff that I can add to my collection and display in the Sports Lair. Here’s my haul:

Game Program and DVD of My first ever NFL Game:

On November 29th 1987 I would attend my very first NFL game. A 27-0 Bills shutout of Marino And the Dolphins. I’ve told the story before, but my Grandpa and I went to the game, but we didn’t actually have a ticket. We snuck in with the help of a relative who worked as a ticket taker at the stadium. I was instructed to pretend to hand the guy a ticket and then we would go find and empty seat and enjoy the game. Pretty neat to trespass with your Gramps at 8 years old. The downside though, was I didn’t have a ticket stub to remember the occasion. I did get a game program, though, which I still have, but at some point the cover fell off and was lost forever. The only souvenir I had and it was ruined. So, when a vendor at the show had pretty much every Bills program from the last 40 years, I took the chance to buy the program from my first game again, this time I will make sure the cover stays intact. I will also frame it. I just need to find the ticket stub to complete the display. In addition to that, there was another vendor who was selling bootleg copies of old games. He had my first game so I bought one. With all of the videos of games on Youtube, I never have seen this game, but now I can finally watch it.

Oilers Programs:

1983 and 1985 Oilers Vs. Bills Progams

While I was there I also picked up a couple Oilers programs. Back in those days the programs always featured the visiting team. So if the Bills were playing the Dolphins, the cover would feature the Dolphins. If the they were playing the Oilers, you would get an Oilers cover. These same magazines were used by all the teams for the most part, with the Pro! and Game day Magazines being the same with a game specific insert. For some it was the same cover league wide, with the later ones being visiting team specific, but used in multiple cities when the team came to town or for some home games as well. For example, here is the same Warren Moon cover I bought for the the game they visited the Bills, for games against the Cowboys,at the Astrodome and the Steelers, at Three Rivers. Here is the same 1983 program cover vs. the Buccaneers, Steelers, Raiders and they also used the space helmet art on the 1983 media guide. Really got their money’s worth.

More Unopened packs of Cards!

I’m growing addicted to opening these unopened packs of cards. It has been a lot of fun, even though, not surprisingly, I have not found anything in these packs of any worth. I mean, if there was a chance of something valuable being in there, they wouldn’t sell them for a few quarters. I have opened a few packs and I got these Fleer Stickers, which are always cool, but these are not the best designs.

I also got this Bo Jackson, which always make me smile. it also goes nicely with this Bo floating head I bought at the show.

Hey man, a checklist should not count as one of my 14 cards.

Philadelphia Bell Carling Ad

My favorite thing from the day had to be this Philadelphia Bell (WFL) Carling ad. It has some great artwork, even though that is definitely Not the King at QB. It has a copyright of 1974. I don’t see any posters like this on eBay, but there are a few original pocket schedules also sponsored by Carling.

I still have a few more Bell license plates available in the Store:

More Pennants For The Collection

I love old pennants. To me there are few things prettier than a good looking helmet on a nice felt pennant. Whenever i can find some at a reasonable price I will pick them up. A couple vendors had a bunch of pennants, with prices from a few buck to over a hundred bucks. I can’t see myself paying 100 bucks for a pennant, but for $10 or $20 I would be happy to take some home. Of course once home, I have the issue of limited wall space. My fiancĂ©e suggested I start filling up the stairwell ceiling to our sports lair with the pennants and I have to say that is a fantastic idea. Just have to figure out a good way to display without damaging the pennants.

I love the Invaders Pennant, they also had a Gamblers Pennant, but it was like 60 buck, which is crazy. I bought these and the Bell poster from the same guy so I got a decent price for everything. It is interesting that most, if not all of the Invaders merchandise was left facing. I should have thought about that when I made my Invaders wood hemet.

Projects In Progress

So over the weekend I also got a lot of work done on some projects. I was able to get the shells painted for my Redskins and Notre Dame full size helmets. Should get them finished up later in the week.

For the Notre Dame I used this Metallic Warm Gold:

Dallas Texans (WFL) 3D Wood Helmet:

I also finished my Houston Texans (World Football League Helmet. I just love the logo and colors.

Helmet Of The Day: New York Knights World Football League

The New York Knights played in the World League Of American Football in 1991 and 1992. I always like Knights as a team name and I’m surprised there was never an NFL team named that.