The Daily Helmet: Philadelphia Bell Modern Speed Concept Helmet Fire And Satin jackets forever!

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WFL Philadelphia Bell Modern Concept

As I have said many times, I am a huge fan of the old WFL. The league only played one full and one partial season in 1974 and 1975, but the teams and the league left a lasting impression on football historians or people who enjoy sports history. I wasn’t alive when the league existed, but their is something fascinating about the league. There is almost a mystique. It doesn’t hurt, that the league had some amazing uniforms. My favorite team is the Philadelphia Bell. King Corcoran, who was also a Pottstown Firebird was the QB for The Bell. Their uniforms featured a nice gold and royal blue with the iconic cracked Liberty Bell on it. Over the summer I obtained some decals, as WFL decals will show up on eBay every once in a while. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. I could have found a period authentic helmet, which would have been an old suspension helmet and would be costly. I could have made a faux vintage helmet with a VSR4 or something, but instead I came up with the concept idea.

What If The Bell and The WFL still existed?

The King (#9) and The Philadelphia Bell.

I had a couple speed helmets to use, so I decided to pretend that the Bell still existed in 2018. There might have been some changes to their uniforms in the more than 40 years since the league started, but in this scenario I felt that the Bell would be one of those classic teams that would keep their original look. Like the Packers or Bears. I did take a little liberty with the color, opting for a more mustard yellow than their real shells which were close to the Green Bay gold. They also would keep the blue mask, although as you can see above there were some players, specifically with the classic two-bar that wore gray masks. I also placed the league shield to the right of the stripe instead of directly on top of the center stripe like they did back in 1974.

A little Polish and Some decals and we have ourselves a helmet

After I painted the color coat, I added a little metallic flake, to give it a little more of a modern look. Then I added the decals, polished again and installed the face mask. I think it turned out great, but part of my still wants a more period authentic for my collection. Maybe I will run across some more decals.

Satin Jackets Forever

When it comes to fan apparel, there is almost nothing I love more than satin jackets. Be it Chalk Line, Starter or any number of other local brands before that, I love the look of a satin jacket. I love scrolling through the jackets for sale on eBay. Unfortunately though, as with anything that can be considered vintage, they can come as a price. If you look hard enough, though, you can find some good deals. All of mine were around $30 bucks. As a guy at the mall said to me when he saw my Miami Chalk line, these jackets are as sexy as shit!

Still Angry I didn’t Bid.

Jackets I wish I had.

For me the holy grail of satin Jackets is the Houston Oilers. They are by far the most expensive, with some for sale for over 600 bucks. One day I really have to invest in one so my life can be complete. Specifically a mint Starter with the sleeve stripes and NFL shield.

Here are some more I wish I had. That Vikings jacket is a work of art!

Ebay Item of The Day

Yesterday I talked about the vintage team branded gum available in eBay. well, today we add a little fire. This set of all 28 NFL matchbooks is red hot. They all are actually schedules.

Here’s my schedule matchbook:

What I’m watching:

If you are unfamiliar with the World Football League, you need to watch the NFL films special on the league. it really is amazing stuff. I especially love the part about the New York Stars Downing Stadium, which was a dump even back in 1974, but still a really cool place that no longer exists. There is also the fact that the WFL had great attendance early on, but it ended up most of the fans got in for free. Not a good way to make money.

Helmet Of The Day

Rhein Fire 

World League of American Footbal/NFL Europe

One of the cooler names and helmets in Football was the European league’s Rhein Fire. German cities just sound cooler. They were also two time World Bowl champs. They operated from 1995 through the end of NFL Europe in 2007. Notable players included Fred Jackson ,¬†Gino Torretta and actor Terry Crews .