The Daily Helmet: My Stamps Of Approval Whomp It And Vintage T-Shirts

The Daily Helmet

Stamped: 1984 NFL Stamp Set

A few years ago while pursuing eBay for vintage NFL stuff, I saw the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen. A 1984 NFL stamp set in close to mint condition with all 28 team stamps* shaped like helmets. This set was basically 1980s helmet porn. I loved the colors and all of the helmets that adorned the case, inside and out. I think I ended up paying like thirty bucks for it, so it was, in my mind, the deal of the century. Now, as far as being a practical item, not so much. There are only so much one can do with a set of ink stamp pads, even if they are of the greatest sport teams in the world. I suppose I could get a job as a doorman at some hip nightclub and use a Houston Oilers stamp to prove the reveler was over the age of 21 when they made their way to the bar. Other than that The case just sits on my shelf, but I love every second of it.

The Details*

This stamp set does have all 28 helmets, but I was saddened to discovered when I started to play with the set, that the Broncos helmet had the pad of the Browns, which was very sad. I am not sure which fanbase would be more offended by this news. Other than that and the fact that the colors don’t always match the team, this set is pretty great. I plan on buying some more ink pads and having fun with this set for years to come.

I Love Vintage

One of my favorite things in the world is vintage sports apparel. I just get jealous looking back at all the great gear you could have bought for the NFL, USFL and other leagues. I’m always on the lookout for deals on quality vintage shirts and hats.

If You Can, “Deadstock”

One of the issues with vintage clothes is that they are old. Who knows what sweaty person wore this stuff in 1984. This also means that the stuff might not be in the best shape. One way to get around both those issues is to find what eBay sellers like to call “deadstock”. It simply means that the seller is claiming that the item was never sold and either is in its original packaging, box or with tags. As with anything, sellers will abuse the term, which was first used to describe high-end vintage sneakers that were unworn and still in their original box. For me, it meant getting two different Oilers shirts and a hat that still had the tags and I can somewhat be confidently sure was never worn or sweated upon in the summer of 1983.

Size matters

The biggest issue most people will have when buying vintage clothes is the size. Most people will notice that those who like to wear vintage clothes tend to be on the thin to sickly side. This is because sizes were very different back then, Anything bought before 1990 will probably be a size or more smaller than whatever the tag says. If you buy anything from the 90s, it might just be a little bigger than the equivalent size today. It works out for a tall thin guy like myself, but if you are more in the average category, vintage T-shirts may not be your thing. There is always hats, I guess? Here a few of my vintage finds:


I just love this late early 80s Miami Hurricanes Whomp-It! guy. He’s so creepy, but so much fun.

What I Watched: Showtime In St. Louis

Last night I was watching a bunch of 1980s team yearbooks. One of the ones I watched was the 1984 St. Louis Football Cardinals. A team led by Head Coach Jim Hanifin and Pro Bowlers Neil Lomax And Roy Green.

Green would have an incredible year, with 1,555 receiving. The team overall went 9-7, but as these films always do, found the bright spot in the team splitting their NFC East schedule, beating every divisional rival at least once, including, as the film was sure to emphasize, the Dallas Cowboys. As exciting as the film made the season seem, you might wonder how they did in the playoffs. Did Not Qualify. As for the uniforms, I have to say, the Cardinals, up until the last decade or two had one of the more underrated uniforms in the league. I love the colors and the simple white helmet with the Cardinal logo.

The Ball That Got Away

All week I had been watching this eBay listing for what is claimed to be an original World Football League ball. The listing started at around $30 bucks and quickly got away from me, finally selling for almost $200 bucks, which is actually a good price for this item. Even so, I am not going to spend that much on a football.

Helmet Of The Day

St. Louis Cardinals (3D Wood Helmet)