The Daily Helmet: Magnet Standings Boards Helmet Hats And A Longhorn Moose

Magnetic Standings

One of the coolest things that has ever been sold are magnetic standings boards. They have them for every sport and the vintage ones in almost any shape go for big money on eBay if you have a complete set with the board. My favorite standings boards have to be the helmet magnets of the 70s. These complete sets are highly coveted, but look so great, but are so expensive!

This standings board already has bids up to over forty bucks (as of this writing) and it doesn’t even have every team and has random later helmets on it for some reason.

This is a set of 30 helmets and board including two versions of the Falcons and Bengals helmet. That price, though!

Here you can get a USFL Version. Although it is missing a bunch of teams.

Even individual helmets can be pricey, depending on how greedy the seller is.

Finally, we have a full set of 28 teams. I just don’t know i will ever be in position to spend over 250 bucks on a bunch of magnets and a board.

Your best bet, is to make your own vintage standings board, but buying a plain metal board, which most craft stores have, which you could paint or leave plain and then buy the individual helmets as you find good deals. Beats spending $300 bucks. You could also go the new route. I got this one for 20 bucks and it looks pretty good too, even though it sadly doesn’t have helmets.

My current standing board.

Long Live the helmet Hat

$9.25??? What a deal!

At various time in the last thirty years the NFL has licensed hats that look like helmets. The most famous of these were released during the eighties. Mean Joe Greene was a spokesman for one offering in the late 70s early 80s. Later in 1986 a different company got the license.

All of these were great, although many people have said the material was not the best and would turn your head into a real sweatbox on a hot day. These days there are still plenty of similar items, I especially like the knit trapper winter hats and got one of those of my own. Of course you can occasionally find them on eBay for a wide variety of prices.

You can be just like Mean Joe with this vintage Steelers Helmet Hat

Sip on your can of Orange Crush while wearing this vintage Broncos Helmet hat.

If you need a little more protection, you can just get this vintage Packers hard hat.

If you want to go to the next level you can get a fleece helmet with a facemask!

Longhorn Moose?

You will see plenty of odd things on eBay when you search for stuff as much as I do. This time when looking or some decals for a future project, I came across these Longhorns decals, that for some reason have eyes. Although I never really thought about it, we now know the logo does not have eyes. It look more like a moose when you add the eyes. I almost want to get them and make a helmet as a gag, but probably not.

What I Watched: 1967 Ice Bowl (NFL Championship Cowboys Vs. Packers

One of the great things about YouTube, is that there a bunch of channels that are doing more than posting their makeup tutorials or Target hauls. There are actually people doing great work with archive footage of old games. This video is a mix of classic NFL Films and original television footage with the original radio broadcasts with Packers radio Play-by-play men and occasionally Jack Buck calling the game for Cowboys. The presentation was a tight edit with almost all of the plays of the game, which is not the case with other classic games broadcasts NFL films has released. Those presentations also had re-recorded play-by-play and canned crowd noise as the very long description at the beginning of the video. All in all this was a great watch. One of the interesting things was that there actually was a kickoff after the famous QB Sneak. The Cowboys got the ball back but ran out of the time. As far as visuals go, this game had some of the best ever. I also loved the helmets seen decorating the walls at Lambeau.

Plus watching the crowd footage is amazing. Not a ton of Packers gear, but lots of layers on these fans.

If you can find them I highly recommend the game videos with the original radio broadcasts overdubbed. It makes watching the game even better.

Project Progress:

I am continuing to work on my favorite NHL logo series. This time I’m doing the Philadelphia Flyers. Such a great and iconic sports logo. Glad they have stuck with it all of these years. Last night I got the logo all cut (two layers) and later I will get it painted. This is where I also remind you that you can get you own custom 3D wood logo in my shop as well as other custom wood items!

Hemet Of The Day: Original Bengals Helmet

When Paul Brown was awarded a team in 1967 he decided to name the team the Bengals after a previous pro team that played in the city. In addition, perhaps as an insult to Art Modell, he choose the exact same orange as his former team the Cleveland Browns and paired it with black with beautifully plain uniforms and helmet. Famously, in this photo, Brown had a number of helmet concepts to choose from, including one that looked very similar to their current shell, but ultimately went ultra-minimalist with a plain unstriped helmet with a Bengals wordmark, which they would wear until 1981 when the striped helmets were introduced. I like the striped ones, but man did the originals look good, especially in the snow.