The Daily Helmet: Dressing Like It Is 1973 NFL Games And Action Packed Cards

Vintage Buffalo Bills Dress Shirt And Tie

A week or two ago I showed you the vintage printed Buffalo Bills dress shirt I picked up on eBay. Well, to complete my vintage 1970s look, I added the Buffalo Bills brown tie. All I need now is some brown 70s style slacks and I will be all set. I really love this set and now I need to find a great occasion to go with the full outfit.

With the help of a Twitter follower, we see that this was a whole line of shirts and ties. Good looking stuff. I’d like to collect them all!

NFL Game Day Review

Last Christmas I got this NFL board game called NFL Game Day: The Ultimate Board Game. I will let you know if it lives up to the hype, but let’s look back at some other NFL games:

Electric Football

Visually, electric football is amazing. The fields, painted players, all great stuff, but in reality the game just isn’t that much fun to play. Some people take it super serious, but for me I just use mine as a decoration.

This game is like electric football unplugged.

NFL All-Pro Football Strategy Game

This game looks fun. It is from 1967, just a bit before my time. Looks like a mix of checkers and strategy. The packaging also has some cool helmet artwork. a few available on eBay.

VCR Quarterback

I always loved this game just because of the box. Two fully uniformed players (not QBs for some reason?) playing the game. I actually saw this game in a thrift store a while back, but I didn’t see any reason to actually own it at the time. I never had this game, but I did have a similar College football game, which featured a whole lot of Bo Jackson.

NFL Playoff

I’ve seen NFL checkers where the checker pieces were gumball helmets of two rival teams, but I don’t know if I’ve seen this game before. Like checkers, it looks like gumball helmets are also used for this game.

NFL Game Plan

This game is a small dice game. A lot of these games are played in similar ways.

NFL Game Day

Like a lot of the other games above, NFL game day is pretty simple. You get a ball and based on the cards you pull you can play out different football scenarios. The defensive player pulls from the defensive pile and the offensive player pulls from the offensive pile and that determines what happens on the play. Most of these games are the same way, using cards, dice or both. The VCR games are the same too, but have video elements. My favorite part of the game is the board and the magnetic end zones which can be switched depending on which team you want to play as. It also made for a cool pocket pro display board during the playoffs!

Project In-Progress

In anticipation of our full football themed wedding next year, we have been coming up with ideas for the decorative elements at the reception. We decided on goalposts as the table centerpieces and we started working on a prototype. I was able to fashion a wood base for the post made from 3/4 inch PVC pipe. Unlike a lot of pvc pipe goal posts you may see online, I wanted to make sure it looked like s real goal post and added a sweep as the curved part of the goal post. Next step is to paint. Updates to come!

Helmet Of The Day: 2002 Unused Silver Seahawks Helmet


In 2002 the Seahawks held a fan vote to decide on which helmet they would wear with the newly designed uniforms. In what I feel was a big mistake, the fans went with the blue helmets. The original plan was to wear one home and one away, but the NFL said no to that and thus we had the completely monochrome blue uniforms. I never liked either of the Seahawks redesigns. Give me the originals that Largent and Zorn wore or at the very least go back to the brighter royal and green. I just acquired a couple sets of the 2002 Seahawks decals, so I will be making a blue and a silver one, because unlike the NFL I have no rules about multiple helmets!