The Daily Helmet: Diggin’ Out The Old Card Collection And The Agony of (eBay) Defeat

I was a somewhat avid card collector in my youth. I mostly just liked having my favorite players and teams. I would soort all my cards by team and keep them in my books. As a teenager, with a little change in my pocket, I began to frequent card shows with my uncle. Once a month or so we would head out to various card shows, and I would spend what little money I had on various cards. Eventually my uncle switched to collecting NASCAR stuff and at some point we just stopped going to shows and I moved on to other stuff. I didn’t have the biggest collection or anything that wasn’t really worth anything, but I enjoyed it and for the most part kept most of my collection all of these years later. Which is a different story than my dad (all Dad’s?), who to this day claims my Grandma threw away all of his baseball cards, including, he’s convinced, a Mickey Mantle rookie card and thus his fortune. He also has mentioned he used his cards to make his bicycle sound like a motorcycle, so I’m not sure his collection would be in mint condition. Over the weekend I decided to start going through my stuff. My first bit of fun what taking all 396 cards out of my 1989 Topps complete set, which had been sitting in its original box since when I got it sometime in 1989. Sadly in going through them, I was disappointed to find that my set did not include a Barry Sanders rookie card, which was later added to a second release of the set.

1989 Topps Set in original box.

Topps is probably the most popular brand of trading cards, but when it comes to football the actual photos used for the cards can be lacking. The vast majority of cards are sideline or warm-up shots, instead of action shots that the newer card companies introduced. Looking through all 396 cards, I saw this was again the case with the 1989 set. Although there were some that featured action shots. I liked the stripe design, but I did not like that for the most part the stripe colors didn’t match the team the player played on. In the cases it did, it might have been a coincidence. I wish there was a good way to display this set, but no frame is big enough for that. I might have to head to the old card shop and get some sleeves and start organizing again. Not sure if I will get into new cards, though.

World League Of American Football

Another bunch of cards was found in my stack of Pro Set cards. The World League oF American Football. I love the helmet cards, I wish I had them all.

What The Hell Are These??

In my never ending browse of eBay listings, I came across these dashboard bobble heads. The listing was a lot of six random teams, which he listed the Oilers as one, but they were not there. The faces are classic nightmare fuel. Although, they would be appropriate on the dash of my car, that is my face my entire commute most days.

You Win Some, You Lose Some, You Win Some

Last week I posted about how I was upset that I forgot to bid on this awesome Tampa Bay Buccaneers satin jacket. Now this jacket was not a high end Starter Jacket or even a Chalk Line, but it was pretty nice, featuring a Nice left facing two-bar Bucco Bruce helmet. It would look nice with the rest of my collection. Unfortunately, I forgot to bid and someone else would get to enjoy this fantastic jacket.

My heartbreak, or so I though, was soothed by this amazing find on the Poshmark App. I never used it, but I kept seeing ads with cool vintage sports stuff and one day this Bo shirt, so I downloaded the app and gave it a try. Listed for $8 and free shipping for my first purchase, this couldn’t be beat, but it was too good to be true. Never using the app before, I did not follow the general rule for a successful transaction and make an offer first to ensure the seller is actually still alive and has the item. Instead, like I would on eBay or Amazon, I just went and ordered it. Turns out the seller hasn’t been active in months and as of this writing has not shipped it. Being more than seven days, I can cancel my order and get my eight bucks back, but I haven’t worked up to doing that yet, hoping that somehow she was on a European vacation, in prison or trapped in a mine and when she returns she will ship me my shirt. Soon though, I will have to face reality and concede that I will never get this shirt.

But Sometimes You Get second chances!

Remember that Bucs jacket I told you about? well, the original sale fell through and I was able to snag it for $33 on the relisted auction. Makes me feel slightly better about the Bo shirt situation. Pics to come when it arrives.

What I Watched: An Inside Look At Cleveland Municipal Stadium Prior To The Final Game In 1995

There is a great video on YouTube where former Browns players Brian Sipe and Jerry Sherk tour the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium prior to the final game the Browns played there in 1995. It was a sad time in Cleveland as this would be the final time they would get to see their Browns, not yet knowing the franchise would return. The video is great, because the guys wander through the old stadium in areas you wouldn’t normally see like various corridors and the old locker room. The guys also head down to the field to throw the ball around and re-create some plays and help paint the field for the final time.

Helmet Of The Day: Houston Gamblers

The Gamblers, for my money has one of the greatest helmets and logos in football history. The team was exciting and legendary, even though they fell short of a USFL Championship. Love the colors and the iconic G logo with the shape of texas in the negative space. I made a 3D wood helmet and a full size Gamblers helmet, which fits in nicely on my Oilers wall.