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Basement Goalpost Project

When we first moved into our new place last summer I was most eager to get the finished basement all ready for my helmets, memorabilia and multiple televisions. One of the things I first noticed when I walked down to what is now known as the Sports Lair was the three support poles. Every basement has them. They obviously do the important job of holding your house up. I didn’t let this get in the way of my decor, though, I found a way to incorporate them into the decor. With basement goalposts.

Step 1: Paint the Poles

The first step to having your very own basement goal posts is painting them. Sure some teams have white goal posts, but I went with the classic yellow.

Step 2: Cut Vinyl

For my goal posts, I wanted one Buffalo bills post and one Miami Hurricanes post. To achieve this I ordered some boat vinyl on eBay. You probably only need a yard. I ordered royal blue and dark green. Then I cut it to size to wrap around foam padding that the previous owners already had on the poles to keep their kids from smashing their heads. I measured and cut the vinyl.

Step 3: Attach Letters

In order to complete my goal posts, I would need to add the team names to the vinyl. I ordered some 4″ tackle twill letters and then ironed them to the vinyl. If you have the skills, you could also sew on the letter.

Step 4: Wrap around Pole

Once you have your letters on you can wrap around your poles. You can secure with glue, velcro or clear Gorilla tape, which is what I used. Then you have your very own Basement Goal Posts!

A Shelf For My Pucks

I recently decided I needed to get serious about my NHL puck collection. I have had a decent amount form over the years, but last year I decided to buy one for every game I saw. I am now only nine away from having all 31 current teams. I should finish this up next month. Once I get them, I will work on getting some classic pucks, like the Whalers, Nordiques and others.

For my shelf I just bought a 3′ poplar board that is about 2″ wide. It works perfect for pucks, but does not secure them, so be aware of that when you decide where to put them. Mine are low to the ground, so there is little risk of a puck falling on a guest’s head. I painted the boards black, added some NHL stickers I had around and done!

Gotta Love LogoPics!

Back in the 80s, there was a officially licensed product called, Logopics. They were basically framed embroidered patches. I always thought they looked like something your grandma would hand-make, but sports logos. They made them for different sports, but the football ones are my favorite, because well, helmets! You can find some on eBay, especially the great USFL teams. I have a few in my collection, including a Ray Bentley autographed 1983 USFL Champion Michigan Panthers.

It also turns out that these Sabres patches I traded a guy at a flea market for a few years ago are actually the patches for a Logopic without a frame! You can find just the patches on eBay as well.

What I Watched last Night:

I decided to go with a classic week 7 USFL game from 1985 between the Houston Gamblers and the New Jersey Generals that was played on Easter Sunday April, 7th 1985. It was a classic USFL matchup that featured Jim Kelly for the Houston Gamblers and Doug Flutie under center for the Generals. Kelly would dislocate a finger in this game, only to return and throw a 33 -yard TD for the Gamblers final score. The Generals won 31-17.

Helmet Of The Day:

Philadelphia Eagles: Bring back The Kelly Green!