The Daily Helmet: Anniversary Patches Part II

Yesterday I covered the anniversary patches worn from 1951-1993. Today we will take a look at all the anniversary patches worn from 1994-present. Patches would become way more prevalent as the years went by, with one team or another sporting a patch on their jerseys. This one is a little long, but covers the rest of the seasons through last season.

Using the great Gridiron database as a guide, here is a short history of anniversary patches worn by NFL teams.


The 75th anniversary of the NFL was a big deal. It was the mid-nineties and there was no way the league would let a marketing opportunity go by without a capilitization. The league pulled out all the stops that season with throwbacks, TV specials and of course patches. It also coincided with some team anniversaries which meant double patches!

For 1994 all the teams wore the diamond anniversary patch. In addition to some pretty sweet throwback games.

The Bills would double up that season wearing the 75th patch and their own 35th anniversary patch for some double-patch action. They didn’t wear both patches for their throwbacks.


The Vikings wore their 35 anniversary patch, and the Panthers and Jaguars both celebrated their inaugural seasons with a patch. The Rams also marked their first season in St. Louis with a commemorative patch.


The Saints celebrated their 30th year with this very festive patch.

The 49ers wore a 50th anniversary patch.


Oilers wore a Tennessee Oilers inaugural season patch.

Colts wore a horseshoe logo memorial for Robert Irsay. I love the home and away patches that you don’t see as much these days.


The Cardinals wore a special 100th anniversary “Cardinals Anniversary” patch that celebrated the entire history of the franchise that had its start in Chicago as an amatuer football club in 1898.

The Oilers, in their final season with that name, wore a modified version of their 1997 inaugural patch. This was their first season in Nashville, playing their games at Vanderbilt. Played in Memphis in 1997. They also wore white all season.


The Browns wore a “1999” patch, marking their return to the NFL after a three season hiatus.

The Chiefs marked their 40th anniversary

The Giants celebrated their 75th.

The Bears memorialized Walter Payton.


Vikings celebrated their 40th.

Steelers said goodbye to Three Rivers Stadium.

Chargers 40th.

Seahawks wore a patch for their 25th anniversary.

Cowboys wore an amazing Tom Landry memorial fedora patch.


The Bears saluted the final season at old Soldier Field


A number of teams wore anniversary patches in 2002:

Colts 50th

The Chiefs marked the 40th anniversary of their move to Kansas City and becoming the chiefs.

The Redskins wore a 70th Anniversary patch.

Texans wore an inaugural season patch.


The Bears marked their return to “New” Soldier Field.

The Packers commemorated a remodeled Lambeau Field.

The Eagles Wore a Lincoln Financial Field Inaugural season patch.


The Panthers and Jaguars both celebrated their 10th anniversary with a patch. The Rams also marked their 10th season in St. Louis with a commemorative patch.

Giants had a patch for their 80th Anniversary. Even though they just had one for their 75th.


Ravens 10th Anniversary.

Dolphins marked their 40th.

Buccaneers 30th anniversary.

The Vikings had a patch for their 45th anniversary.


The Browns and 49ers wore 60th anniversary patches.

Cardinals wore a new stadium patch.


Eagles wore a 75th anniversary patch.

Steelers wore a 75 seasons patch.

Redskins wore a 75th anniversary patch and a Sean Taylor number 26 patch after his death.

The Packers wore a Lambeau Field 50th Anniversary patch on their home jerseys.

Chiefs added an AFL Lamar Hunt patch which would be worn permanently after 2007.


All teams wore a Gene Upshaw memorial patch week 1. The Raiders wore it all season.

Lions 75th.

Cowboys marked their last game at Texas Stadium.

Colts marked their new stadium opening.

Jets wore a Super Bowl III anniversary patch on October 26th.

Titans 10th Anniversary patch.


All of the AFL teams wore patches to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the league, with the exception of the Bengals and Dolphins who, like in 1984 did not participate. All of the teams with the exception of the Titans to wear the AFL patch also had a seperate anniversary patch of their own. They also wore some of the best throwbacks to date.


Cowboys 50th

Vikings also celebrated 50 years.

Jets and Giants marked their first year at “New Meadowlands Stadium” .


Steelers wore an 80th season patch.

All teams wore a Pro Football Hall Of Fame 50th anniversary patch weeks 14 and 15.


Colts 30 years in Indianapolis

Titans marked their 15th season in Tennessee


The Panthers and Jaguars marked their 20th season. The Giants wore an 90th anniversary patch. The Steelers also marked their Super Bowl IX appearance.


Falcons wore 5o seasons patch, as did the Dolphins.

Ravens marked 20 seasons in Baltimore.


The Saints wore a 50th anniversary patch and the 49ers a 70th anniversary.

Vikings Commemorated their first game at new stadium.


Bengals marked their 50th season.

Falcons had a new stadium patch.

Raiders wore a AFL championship commemorative 5oth anniversary patch.


Packers 100th season

Colts wore another Indianapolis move anniversary patch for 35 years.

That is it. One thing I learned is, that there have been a whole lot of patches and I didn’t even mention all of the memorial patches, international series and other special patches.