The Daily Helmet: Andre Reed 1986 Replica Bills Helmet |Super Grass And The Greatest thing Ever Seen

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Custom Andre Reed Inspired 1986 Bills Helmet

I wouldn’t call my helmets replicas. They don’t have all the same hardware and some are a different helmet model than the player actually wore. I like to say my replicas are inspired by a player. For today’s project flashback, we look back at my 1986 Andre Reed project.

I previously made myself a Thurman Thomas inspired Bills helmet, but I really wanted to make a red helmet with the blue face mask that was worn from 1984-1986. I think it was a great look, despite being the helmet they wore during the darkest period in Bills history. With only a couple wins in each of the 1984 and 1985 seasons, there were more workers at the games than in the stands. These lean years, though, led to some of the best and most legendary players in buffalo Bills history. Bruce Smith, Andre reed and Frank Reich were all drafted in 1985. The next season jim kelly came and while everything didn’t change instantly, the Bills were in the AFC Championship just two years later in 1988.

Pat McGroder Memorial

One thing you will notice on the Bills helmet starting in 1986, is the PJM nose bumper decal. This decal served as a memorial for Bills executive Pat McGroder, who was a potential original AFL owner and thought to have been instrumental in bring the Bills to buffalo. The decal was worn in 1986 through the 1989 season. To give this inspired helmet an authentic 1986 look, I would have to add it to my helmet. I decided to make my own. I matched up the font and put it in a blue rectangle. then I printed and laminated it, attaching to the nose bumper of the helmet.

Custom PJM memorial.

Refurbishing The Helmet:

For this project i used a red shell I had. It was pretty rough, but I cleaned it up and sanded it. It was ready for primer and gloss red.

Polish, Apply Decals And Done!

After wet sanding buffing and polishing the blank newly painted shell, I apply the decals, hardware and mask and then polish again. Then it is ready for display! It fits right in in my Bills section of the Sports lair.

The Greatest thing I’ve ever seen??

Twitter user Chuck Phipps tweeted out what might be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen . I’ve seen a lot of sports themed stuff and I’ve done my fair share of DIY (that’s kinda what I’m all about), but this is hall of fame worthy. His mom crocheted this beautiful afghan featuring all of the 1970 NFL helmets. The best part. She didn’t even use a template, she drew them all out on graph paper. This is for sure DIY hall of fame worthy in my book. Now I have to learn to crochet!

Smoke Some Grass, man!

Back in early 1991, my Dad’s friend happened to be attending some sort of sales conference in Tampa, Florida. This led him into old Tampa stadium where just a few days prior Scott Norwood missed a would-be game winning 47-yard field goal to the right. Not one to let an opportunity go by, he saw some grass clippings from the field and pocketed them. When he got back he made his own packaging and handed them out to his friends and I happen to have one. Not sure what I can do with it, it doesn’t much look like grass anymore, but it is still cool. I need to figure a way to display it, or I could as many suggested. Smoke it.

Can I borrow a Stick of gum?

For some reason there are a lot of sellers on eBay offering up NFL team branded bubble gum. The packaging is cool, but as far as memorabilia goes, I’m not sure about this one. Might be something to pick up and have a celebratory chew when your team wins it all!

Speaking of gum. I always like how Cam Newton has Carolina Blue gum to match his uniform.

What I Watched last Night:

I technically didn’t watch this last night, but I highly recommend it. Treat yourself and watch both the original Pottstown Firebirds NFL Films documentary and the Pottstown revisited NFL Films presentation from 2000. The Pottstown Firebirds were a member if the Atlantic Coast Football league. They considered themselves a professional team, not semi-pro. They were affiliated with the Eagles and actually wore old eagles equipment. The team had a whole cast of characters that you can never forget. Including legendary minor league football super star and a Poor man’s Joe Namath, King Corcoran! I just love the early alternative football leagues of the 60s and 70s. Many of the players, including the King would go on to play in the WFL.

Helmet Of The Day:

The Birmingham Americans of the WFL

Birmingham Americans 1974

Birmingham always seems to get themselves a team whenever a new upstart league is formed. In 1974 the WFL was formed and Birmingham, Alabama had the Americans. The logo was very 70s, but the team went on to win the one and only World Bowl over the Florida Blazers. The team was not well run, though and folded after their first season. The next season Birmingham was awarded a new franchise, called the Vulcans. They were also the best team in the league, but the league folded before the championship game could be played and were named 1975 champions as the league folded for good.

Birmingham Vulcans 1975