The Daily Helmet: A Draft Party Haul

Every year I usually go to at least one Draft party at the bills facility. Sometimes they hold it in the Stadium on the field and other times in the training center. This year we acquired tickets to the Club and Suite holder party on Day one of the draft. This one features free food and other giveaways like a 2019 Bills draft pin. When I walked in, my eyes instantly were drawn to what I thought was a typical clearance merchandise display, which is typically set-up in the field house for draft parties as well as during pregame stuff during the season. The thing that I noticed was immediately different this time was the huge amount of full size helmet and regulation footballs. I went over to see what this was all about, assuming that the prices would still be too high for me to even consider buying too much if anything at all, but boy was I wrong. This was no ordinary clearance sale, instead they were selling off a plethora of various autographed items that were signed by players who are no longer in the league or playing elsewhere, like tyrod Taylor, Sammy Watkins and Richie Incognito. I wasn’t interested in the autographs, really, but the prices on this stuff was amazing. The Authentic (retail) speed helmets were only 40 bucks with the replicas going for just $30. A Authentic retail helmet can go for around $300 bucks and the replicas for $150, so this was an extreme discount and you still get the autograph if you’re into that sort of thing. In addition to that they also had authentic brand new game balls.”The Duke”. Not game used, but the official ball which usually retails for around 100 bucks. These were $25 and were also signed. They also had Mini helmets, both VSR4 and Speed versions. They also had jerseys, hats and signed cleats.

This was a deal I could not pass up and i got myself one of the Authentic helmets, which had a Watkins Autograph on it. I also picked up a Mini with a Tyrod signature, as well as a ball and cleat. They tossed in a Watkins bobblehead for free. I bought a second Authentic for my brother and my fiancée picked up a few minis for our football themed wedding next year.

There also were some former players on hand signing stuff for the people in attendance. Many people had them sign the helmets they just bought, but I wasn’t really interested in that. I generally do not like autographs on helmets, unless it is some legendary player signing a replica of his own helmet or something. Instead I had them sign these pictures, which will look nice around the house.

I’m trying to decide if I will remove the autograph from the full-size helmet. It shouldn’t be too difficult, or I could just display it on once of my hooks with the signature against the wall. We will see.

Best Dressed

The event also gave me my first opportunity tow wear my 1970s Buffalo Bills Dress shirt and tie. To complete the look I picked up these sweet red sports jacket at JCPennys for 13 bucks. I was pretty much the best dressed person in the sea over oversized jerseys and cargo shorts. Yes that is me and no I am not some 55 year old guy, like some on Twitter evidently assumed. Not yet, anyway. I mean, I mention growing up in the 80s on the regular so everyone should know this. Pay attention!

Get Your Sticker Books!

I have a few 1982 Topps Sticker Books left and now each book purchased will come with one unopened pack of six stickers. They are wonderful. Check them out in the store.