The Daily Helmet: 1985 Topps Football Wax Pack Unwrapping

Last week I mentioned how much I love the 19985 Topps football set. The cards look amazing and as I said in last week’s entry, they really hit my nostalgic sweet spot. Excitingly I was able to pick up a pack at a local card show over the weekend. Unlike many of the cards from the late 80s and early 90s, which go for a quarter apiece or less, these packs cost around 10 bucks a pack. I would love to get this whole set, I just really love them. I really am hoping for a Walter Payton or Warren Moon card, two of the more noteworthy cards in this set. So, let’s see what I got.

The pack is in pretty good shape. I tried to pick the best one, the guy selling them had a few to choose from.

A team football offer. $5.95 for your choice of team, but you have to wait 6-8 weeks to get your ball.

Well, this isn’t good. Glad this isn’t a Warren Moon or Walter Payton.

The first card up was Curtis Dickey. Played from 1980-1986 for the Colts and Browns. Unfortunately his card was damaged by the gum. Normally at least one card will be damaged. Part of the reason cards don’t come with gum anymore.

Tony Collins played in the nFL through 1992 before ending his pro career in the arena leagues, playing for the infamous Miami Hooters for his final pro season.

1984 NFL rushing leaders, including Eric Dickerson’s incredible second season where he joined the 2000-yard club.

Rolf Benirschke. What a name! He played for the Chargers from 1977-1986 and was the host of the daytime version of Wheel Of Fortune for a short time.

Rohn “John With and R” Stark. I don’t think he was King of the north, but he did punt for the Colts, Steelers, Panthers and Seahawks through the 1997 season.

Each pack in this set came with a yearbook sticker sample. At this point it looks like the Sticker Yearbook wasn’t out yet, but you could get a head start on your collection.

Pat Ryan, QB from Tennessee. You know things were different in 1984 when your football card brags about a 44-yard TD pass. He actually had a long 13 year career, twelve with the Jets and one year with the Eagles. he must have liked the color green.

Nolan would play through the 1987 season and later became a position coach and offensive coordinator for Texas A&M. His wikipedia entry also says he married a Rams Cheerleader.

I was pretty excited to see this card. It is not one of the few cards worth anything in this set, but it is always exciting to see Joe Cool on a football card.

Kenny Johnson played for the Falcons and Oilers through 1989. Not a bad couple of uniforms to have to wear.

Disappointing that the Riggins card doesn’t have him wearing his helmet.

Gerald Carter was drafted in the ninth round of the 1980 draft by the Buccaneers. He never made it to the regular season, being cut during camp and subsequently picked up by the Jets where he played in three games before landing back in Tampa for what turned out to be a fairly productive career.

E.J Junior. EJ stood for Ester James. His full name is Ester james Junior III which I guess would make his dad Ester James Junior Junior. He played in the league from 1981-1993.

Hard to think of the 1980s Redskins without thinking about Dexter Manley. Love this card.

Played for the Vikings, the chargers and then the Vikings again in his 11 season career.

Mark Clayton’s 18 TDs in 1984 is still good for third all-time with Sterling Sharpe’s 18 ten years later in 1994. The record was broken a few years later in 1987 by Jerry Rice who had 22 and then again in 2007 by Randy Moss .

Opening this pack was so much fun. I wish I had more. I am torn is I want to slowly buy packs or just bite the bullet and find a good priced set. Getting a set isn’t as much fun, but at least I’d have all the cards.