The Daily Helmet: 1976 Popsicle NFL Team Cards

The other day at the card show I came across a package of all 28 1976 Popsicle cards. Surprisingly I wasn’t really aware of these cards, but the seller had a couple of them for $15 dollars each. I talked him down to 10 bucks for one of them because i just can’t resist anything with the old two bar helmet graphic. It turns out these cards are pretty awesome.

The cards originally came in boxes of Popsicles 1976. There was one for every team with the exception of the Giants, who had two cards. the Giants wore their “Disco” helmets in 1975, but abandoned that logo when they moved to the Meadowlands in 1976. Apparently no one told the people at the Popsicle company, because they released the set with the Disco logo on the Giants helmet still. They would later update it with the wordmark logo, which made the final complete set of 29 cards. Everywhere I have read, says these cards came individually with a different random card in each box of popsicles, but I got the complete set in one unopened package.

At some point someone must have sold the whole set. The seller said they were sold at 7-11. I wish I would have bought both sets he had, because some people are trying to sell the full sets for a pretty penny! There is no chance that seller gets almost 300 bucks for that set, but they still seem to go for a pretty good price with even singles going for a few bucks each at a minimum. Now I want to get myself a Giants 1976 logo card so I have the complete 29 card set. The cards are almost like a credit card, made of a thin plastic or vinyl. This is great, because unlike cardboard cards of the same era, these are super durable and don’t take much care to keep in mint shape. My favorite part of the cards is the great two bar helmet graphics, but the accompanying action photos are pretty cool. On the back is a description of each club and it includes both the Seahawks and Buccaneers who were new to the league that year. Some of the action shots that were picked were interesting.


The Oilers card features their white helmet with gray mask, which they switched to in 1975. Interestingly, they went with a photo from before that for the action shot, featuring a photo of the Oilers with their 1972-1974 helmet.


For my set, I have the 1975 Giants helmet. Again for the action shot they went with a photo from a year previous to that. It wasn’t until later on that they replaced this card with the new Giants logo.

Seahawks and Buccaneers

While they went back a year or two for some of the action shots, they had to act quickly to get shots of the Buccaneers and Seahawks game action. It appears they acquired shots during preseason and rushed them on to the cards.

All 28 1976 Popsicle Cards

I scanned all of the cards for your enjoyment.