Tampa Stadium Grass Clippings Super Bowl XXV



In January of 1991 my hometown Buffalo Bills would make it to the first of their four Super Bowls in a row. It was an exciting time for everyone in the area. As an 11 year old football obsessed boy, it was the most exciting time of my life. We all had super Bowl fever and even my mom let me have the day off after the Bills heartbreaking last second loss to support our team at the downtown rally. It was an unforgettable time in my life, that with the current state of the Buffalo football team is even more special because we may not see that type of success on the field again.

It was also around that time I acquired one of my most unique pieces of memorabilia. How unique? I couldn’t tell you, but I would find it hard to believe too many people would still have theirs after all these years if they did get a hold of any. My father’s friend owns a party supply store, and as I remember it, although maybe I am completely off on this, he was down in Tampa days after the Super Bowl for some sort of conference or something. While he was down there he happened to be in The Big Sombrero when some field crews had bags of grass clippings near the side of the field. My father’s friend, ever the opportunist, scooped up as much of the clippings as he could and smuggled them home to Western New York. He then made label and packaged them, giving them out to friends and family in Buffalo. My father received a few of these and I was lucky enough to get one to myself. Obviously there is no way I can prove that the turf is legitimately from Tampa stadium, let alone from the actual Super bowl XXV turf, but I still cherish it as one of my most prized “pieces” in my sports collection.

Do you guys have any strange or one of a kind sports memorabilia?  Let us know in the comments.