Preseason College Football Top 25 Helmet Rankings

I’m a little late, but here are the preseason Top 25 Helmet Rankings.

How It Works:
Each week I will take the AP Top 25 and rank them not by wins or losses, but by helmet design.  For the initial ranking I will use each school’s primary helmet. Now, the thing is, many schools don’t exactly have a primary helmet anymore and are changing their looks on a weekly basis. Well, I will use their traditional primary helmet for this initial ranking and then for the rest of the season I will be ranking each team based on what they wore the past weekend. It isn’t an exact science, but I thought it would be a fun exercise. Keep in mind these are not necessarily how I would rank them every time. Like all of these polls it is mostly a reflection of how the voters feel at the time and I happen to be the only vote in this case.   Here is the first ranking of the season and as always give your feedback on Twitter, Facebook or comment below.


  1. Clemson
    Clemson This helmet really has grown on me in the past couple years. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite helmet ever, but the bright orange and classic paw logo is really working for them.

  2. Washington
    A great college helmet should have a letter on it and this is a great college helmet.

  3. Georgia
    Love it. I love the school colors and I love the “G” logo. One of my all time favorites. They had many number one votes.

  4. Alabama
    It doesn’t get any simpler than this helmet and i like it that way. there is a reason that Alabama keeps it traditional. They win and win often without the need for 600 uniforms.

  5. Oregon
    Obviously Oregon doesn’t have a primary lid, but I’m for any of their helmets that use the traditional “O” and includes their school colors.

  6. USC
    Classic look. I like helmets that look the same as they did 40 years ago.

  7. Tennessee 
    After a near loss against Appalachian State, the Vols are probably not long for the Top 25, so I better praise their helmet on this list while I can.

  8. UCLA
     Gold is a great color for a football helmet and the UCLA logo is everything a college logo should be!

  9. Iowa
    Iowa first borrowed the Steelers look in 1979. Their uniforms and helmet are almost an exact replica of the guys in Pittsburgh. I like it. It’s a good look in PA and in the heartland.

  10. Notre Dame
    Normally i’m not a fan of updated versions of classic teams, especially in college, but the Notre Dame helmet looks great on TV.

  11. Michigan State
    I love green and I especially love green and white together. I also love the classic State logo. I’m not a huge fan of the white stripe, which is why they didn’t rank higher this week.

  12. North Carolina
    Love the powder blue and i love the argyle stripe. Nice touch.

  13. Florida
    I’m a Miami fan, but it doesn’t stop me from being a Gator hater who happens to like their great orange helmets.

  14. TCU
    I’m not afraid to admit that I love purple on a uniform and the frog logo is great. These guys might move up at some point.

  15. Michigan
    This helmet design is the definition of college football. I’m surprised i didn’t rank it higher.

  16. Ole Miss
    If they use their powder blue helmets this season prepare for a jump to the top for Ole Miss.

  17. Florida State

    Too much with the new decals which always seem to be coming off during games.

  18. LSU
    Like the colors, but not a fan of that weird tiger, although extra points for sticking with it for all of these years.

  19. OklahomaOklaholmaGood job sticking with a classic.

    20. Ohio State

    Not a bad helmet , but they’ve won too much.

    21. Baylor
    Not a bad helmet. I like the gold and green. They might move up the rankings in a hurry.

    22. Oklahoma State
     I’m not sure what is going on over there, but they are looking to go with the ultra modern style helmets. I do not approve for this team.

    23. Louisville
     That bird logo is not a good look.

    24. Stanford
    They might be smart, but their helmet is boring.

    25. Houston
    Like the red, but it is all in all a tired design. You can do better.

    Well that does it for the pre season poll. Next week we start this thing up for real. I might even figure out a way to get people to vote on it. Stay tuned!