NFL-AFL Helmet History

The graphics included in this project aim to be a high level history of the NFL and AFL helmets and logos from 1960-present. This is an ongoing project that is in progress, so I will be adding the new graphics as they are created every day or so from February 2023 until the the 2022 season is posted. This is not meant to be a definitive history, nor will the graphics include every minor change to the helmets , like logo size or secondary decals. This is just a little design project I am having fin with and will focus primarily on the main helmet logo and stripe changes. I will be using helmet graphics that best fit the era. Every graphic you see I have built using photoshop and Illustrator with templates I created form blank helmet clipart that I have found or in some cases like the speed and single-bar, I have designed myself.

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The below resources were used to get the most accurate information on the helmet work in addition to some additional research I did studying period photos.
Helmet History: and
Uniform History:

American Football League 1960-1969
National Football League 1960-1969