Kenner Action Figure Toy Guide (1990)

Kenner was a toy company that was founded way back in 1946 and then bought and sold several times, being owned by General Mills until the mid-eighties, Tonka and finally Hasbro until the brand was discontinued in 2000. They were the brand who made Starting Lineups from 1988 until it was closed int 2000. Hasbro took over in 2001 and then stopped making them. Although in the last few years, several teams gave away modern player Starting Lineups as giveaways, like Jameis Winston, San Jose Shark, Joe Pavelski, and Charlotte Hornet Nicolas Batum. I love the idea of releasing modern players as Starting Lineup figures. SL mainly went out of favor because of the popularity of the far more detailed McFarlane figures. Still, there is something cool about the absurdly crude and inaccurate figures that basically look the same. The best part was of course the removable helmets, which I always managed to lose. I still have quite a few of my originals, sans helmets. Dumb young me. The Kenner catalog that came with the Bo headline set had a list of all the 1990 Starting Lineup figures as well as BeetleJuice, Ghostbusters, Robocop and Police Academy, which apparently had a pretty extensive toy line.