Baltimore Ravens Custom Full Size Helmet




I like the Ravens helmet for it’s black metallic finish and I think the purple goes well with the black. The logo isn’t the best, but it beats their original logo by a mile.

I started this project off with a plain red helmet, that appears to have been last used in 2002:


As Always I started with a thick coat of primer, this time black primer. After a quick sanding I sprayed the helmet with non-metallic black spray paint then added the metallic finish after the final coat to give it the on-field metallic look:



After waiting 4-7 days for the helmet to fully dry it was time to clear coat. I put about five coats of acrylic clear coat on this helmet.

Once the clear coat has dried for another 5 days or so it is time to wet sand:


After wet sanding to your desired finish, I polish it up with a little plastic polish:


Finally we apply the decals!:

ravens 7