How To Make Your Own DIY Vintage Style Team Logo Beanie Knit Cap Hat Or Jacket

DIY Buffalo Bills Beanie

I love a nice beanie or as I prefer to call them, toque. Even better if it has vintage style and logos. Back in the 70s and 80s multi-colored beanies with 1″ helmet patches were the go to hats worn by coaches, players and fans of all ages. Just like you would see in the Sears catalog!

Sears Catalog with Amazing letterman jacket and beanies. Plus Lamps!

Believe it or not you can actually still buy vintage knit caps. Ebay has plenty available in various condition and prices. Most are not exactly priced to sell and because they are a few decades old, they are falling apart. Probably not the best thing to wear around town or to a snowy day at the stadium. You can luck out like I did and find vintage stock, or as they like to say on ebay, deadstock. I bought my Oilers Beanie that way. It was older stock, but still had the tag. If you can’t find some deadstock and don’t want to pay a premium for a hat some dude wore on his sweaty head in 1985, you can DIY one your self for under $15.

My Favorite Hat. Deadstock.

Here is what you will need:

  • Retro Style beanie-Various colors available on Amazon. Here and here!
  • Team Patch-eBay. Just search for your team.
  • Heat n’ Bond
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Needle And Thread
  • Towel or Wash cloth

Step One: Apply Heat n’ Bond To Patch

Take your team patch and place face up on the adhesive side of the Heat n’ Bond paper. Place a towel or wash cloth over patch and place iron on it, slowly moving it so not to burn through your towel.

Careful Not to Burn!

Step 2: Trim Heat n’ Bond

Take your scissors and trim around patch, making sure none of the Heat n’ Bond overlaps.

Trim around the patch.

Step 3: Apply Patch To Hat

Carefully place you patch on the hat, cover with towel and iron, once again moving and being careful to not burn. Don’t hold more than 30-60 seconds or you could damage the hat!

Don't use steam!
Careful Not to Burn!

Step 4: Sew Around Patch

Once the patch has cooled, the patch should be attached pretty tightly, but if you want to ensure it won’t come loose, you can sew around edge with a small needle and thread or for the advanced students on a sewing machine. For this one I used white thread and just quickly went around. Don’t pull too tightly or you will stretch the knitting.

Might want to invest in a thimble.

Step 5: Wear And Enjoy!

Now, you have yourself a super cool vintage style knit cap. The best part will be when people ask you where you got it and you can say “I made it!”

Look at that vintage style.
My ears are nice and warm.


You can also use this same technique for trucker hats, baseball caps jackets or anything else you want to add vintage style to!