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A Dark Night For Football in Cincinnati

For the tenth time this NFL season I traversed to a Bills game. I live for seeing football in person. While I mostly travel to support my hometown Buffalo Bills, I just really enjoy the NFL atmosphere. Seeing the cities and the stadiums, throughout the

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With the recent release of the new NFL ball that features a colorful metallic NFL shield, many people suggested that the NFL use team colored shields for the game balls like the XFL did during their short season. Since 2006 teams are able to bring

The Daily Helmet: A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course?

I received my Calgary Stampeders decals in the mail and in a moment of confusion and anger, I was convinced that I had received the wrong decals. Sure the colors were right, but that isn’t the right tail! I was convinced the guy gave me

The Daily Helmet: The Declining Sports Card Market

Investment, waste of money or something else? Since I started to casually get back into card collecting, I have been checking out the new cards that Target and other stores stock in their collectors corner. The other day I came across box of 10 packs

The Daily Helmet: I just Want To Watch The Game!

Blackouts Are the Worst (MLB Edition) Every year i hear whispers, maybe rumors, maybe complete wishful thinking that the MLB (and every other league) will get rid of blackouts. Blackouts are the scourge of the cordcutter. No matter how hard you try, it can be

The Daily Helmet: Logo Quirks And Football On The Moon

A Sabres Logo Quirk When looking around at old sports photos, specifically hockey, I always came across Sabres pictures where the jersey crest featured a very odd looking bison. I found that it came around in the late 70s and just vanished. The odd thing