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The Daily Helmet: A Basement Foul Pole

My Basement Foul Pole I already featured my basement goal posts that I have down in my Sports Lair, but when I painted the poles for goalposts I also had the idea to paint the third pole in the room yellow to make a foul

The Daily Helmet: Logo Quirks And Football On The Moon

A Sabres Logo Quirk When looking around at old sports photos, specifically hockey, I always came across Sabres pictures where the jersey crest featured a very odd looking bison. I found that it came around in the late 70s and just vanished. The odd thing

The Daily Helmet: A Whale of A Project

Ode To The Whale One of the best logo in the history of sports has to be the Hartford Whalers logo. Designed by Peter Good. The Whalers started as the New England whalers in 1972, playing their games in Boston. They would later move to

The Daily Helmet: A New Jacket And Some Turf

It Finally arrived! The other day I talked about my second chance at the Buccaneers jacket and today the package arrived in the mail. It came in a box that was smaller than I would have thought. Just looked how they stuffed this thing in