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The Daily Helmet: A Draft Party Haul

Every year I usually go to at least one Draft party at the bills facility. Sometimes they hold it in the Stadium on the field and other times in the training center. This year we acquired tickets to the Club and Suite holder party on

The Many Texans Of Texas

Texans, Texans And More Texans In 2002 the Houston Texans debuted in their first NFL season. Seven years after the Oilers left for Tennessee, football was back in Houston. Gone were the days of columbia blue, replaced by navy and red. The Astrodome was abandoned

The Daily Helmet: Where Are Our Anniversary Throwbacks??

In 1994, the 75th Anniversary of the NFL, the league jumped into the world of throwback uniforms. At the time Throwbacks were a relatively new concept. A couple years earlier the NHL’s original six wore throwbacks for their 75th Anniversary, but many teams at that

The Daily Helmet: I just Want To Watch The Game!

Blackouts Are the Worst (MLB Edition) Every year i hear whispers, maybe rumors, maybe complete wishful thinking that the MLB (and every other league) will get rid of blackouts. Blackouts are the scourge of the cordcutter. No matter how hard you try, it can be