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The Daily Helmet: Playoff Bowl-The Battle For 3rd Place

The 1960s was a notable decade for professional football. The success of the AFL, the first Super Bowl and television contracts and the beginning of the National Football League’s rise to the top of sports popularity in the United States. One less notable highlight of

The Daily Helmet: 1976 Popsicle NFL Team Cards

The other day at the card show I came across a package of all 28 1976 Popsicle cards. Surprisingly I wasn’t really aware of these cards, but the seller had a couple of them for $15 dollars each. I talked him down to 10 bucks

The Daily Helmet: 1985 Topps Football

One of my favorite card sets is the 1985 Topps football set. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of cards of this set leftover from my youth. One reason is because it was just prior to me really getting into football. I was interested, but

The Daily Helmet: Anniversary Patches Part II

Yesterday I covered the anniversary patches worn from 1951-1993. Today we will take a look at all the anniversary patches worn from 1994-present. Patches would become way more prevalent as the years went by, with one team or another sporting a patch on their jerseys.

The Daily Helmet: Anniversary Patches Part I

As you may know the NFL is celebrating their 100th Anniversary this season and to mark the occasion they released their version of the NBC “The More You Know logo”. Really uninspired stuff. Forgetting all that for now, let’s take a look back to some

The Daily Helmet: A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course?

I received my Calgary Stampeders decals in the mail and in a moment of confusion and anger, I was convinced that I had received the wrong decals. Sure the colors were right, but that isn’t the right tail! I was convinced the guy gave me

The Daily Helmet: What’s A Hemet without Stripes?

Of the current 32 teams in the NFL, thirteen do not have helmet stripes (I counted the Bengals and Seahawks). One of my favorite elements of any good helmet design is a great stripe. As with anything, there are many different stripe patterns, but I

The Daily Helmet: Huddling Up In The 80s

In the early 1980s the NFL targeted their youngest fans by releasing a set of cuddly little mascots called Huddles. Each team would have their own tiny mascot and they could be seen as stuffed animals, knicknacks, books, stickers and tons of other merchandise. Surprisingly,

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The Daily Helmet: An Ode To The Cookie-Cutter Stadiums

As pro football’s popularity grew in the late 50s, so did the crowds in attendance. Up until this time many of the NFL team’s played their games in stadiums primarily built for baseball. this made for awkward configurations and sightlines for football, as well as