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How To make Any Glossy Paint Metallic

It can be hard to tell on TV sometimes, but most football helmet shells have a metallic or pearl color coat. There are teams where it is way more obvious (Bills.  If you are using professional paint with a spray gun it is easy to

New York Jets Custom Refurbished Replica Helmet

The new york jets were one of the first teams to go back to their more classic look. For the first fifteen years of the Jets existence they had different variations of their classic white helmets after sporting a helmet in their inaugural season with

Cincinnati Bengals Custom Refurbished Helmet

The Cincinnati Bengals have one of the more unique helmets in sports. Not only do they not include any logo on their helmets, they also have gone with the very creative tiger stripes since the 1980 season. This is a far cry the helmets they

Baltimore Ravens Custom Full Size Helmet

      I like the Ravens helmet for it’s black metallic finish and I think the purple goes well with the black. The logo isn’t the best, but it beats their original logo by a mile. I started this project off with a plain