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Uniforms Gone Wrong: 2002 Buffalo Bills

In this series we will highlight some of the worst uniform changes in the history of football. First up, the 2002 Buffalo Bills The Buffalo Bills had had a lot of ups and downs In their 56 year history. Starting off as an original franchise

Tampa Stadium Grass Clippings Super Bowl XXV

  In January of 1991 my hometown Buffalo Bills would make it to the first of their four Super Bowls in a row. It was an exciting time for everyone in the area. As an 11 year old football obsessed boy, it was the most

1980 Buffalo Bills Schedule Matchbook

This is another one from my personal sports collection. A 1980 Buffalo Bills helmet schedule matchbook. I have seen other ones the internet that looked exactly the same, so some company must have made these for every market and then the companies added their ads