This site was created to showcase my work and feature how to tutorials, provide helmet commentary, analysis and helmet news.

Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with football. No other sport can come close to atmosphere and pageantry of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon on the stadium. I can remember my first time walking into the stadium and seeing the green turf and feeling the wind in my face as the colorful gladiators took the field. Those classic uniforms from the 80s have stuck with me and in a lot of ways will always be my NFL. The great silver Seahawks helmets with the Kingdome as a backdrop. The wonderful red Falcons helmets and the beloved Bucco Bruce uniforms that we all long for a permanent comeback. Around that time at my local mall I would stare longingly at the collection of full size NFL helmets they had around the perimeter of the Koenig ┬áSports store. Around that time I also received my Hutch full youth uniform, that included pants and shoulder pads. I would wear the uniform all day, inside and out playing imaginary games and winning fictional championships. Fast forward nearly 30 years later and I still am obsessed with football helmets and uniforms. At this point I almost care more about the aesthetics of the game than I do the actual outcome. I’ve always wanted my own collection of helmets, just like at the sports store that has long ago vanished (I wonder what lucky person got to keep those helmets!). Like most fans, I started by collecting gumball helmets and worked my way up to mini helmets, but it was just not the same as having a shelf full of full size helmets. After years of staring at the massive price tags on full size replica helmets I finally decided to take things into my own hands and start my own custom collection. Starting off I had no idea what i was doing. I just bought a helmet and some decals on Ebay, went to the hardware store and picked out some paint and I’ve never looked back. In the the year or so since I started this journey I have learned a lot about the process with some help from ┬ásome great people who are just as obsessed with the helmets as I am. I am now working towards my goal to have every current NFL helmet then every historical helmet and finally every college team. I haven’t figured out where all of these helmets will go, but will be a good problem to have. This site (along with my twitter and facebook accounts) will document my journey to a full helmet collection. I will share tips and tricks I have learned and will continue to learn in the future. I will also post pictures of my work and how a helmet progresses from an old decertified helmet to a shelf worthy display model. I will also post my personal helmet rankings, historical pictures, interviews and everything else that has to do with helmets. Mostly the site will feature football helmets, but I will also include other sports like baseball and racing as we move forward. So, thanks for stopping by and feel free to ask any questions on getting into the hobby yourself!