Adam Ruins Everything Tackles Football And Concussions


Adam Ruins Everything: TruTV

Adam Ruins Everything: TruTV

Adam Ruins Everything
Tuesdays 10 PM TruTV
Episode: Adam Ruins Football

TruTV premiered the second episode of the new season of educational comedy Adam Ruins Everything this week which focused on the topic of football. If you are not familiar, Adam Ruins Everything is a show on TruTV that is just starting it’s second season. The show stars Adam Conover, who plays a somewhat fictionalized version of his Know-It-all self who interacts with other actors on the show and shares facts and common misconceptions. The show is based on his short videos that were released on Collegehumor. In this episode Adam debunks common athletic myths like hydration and the randomness of the playoffs in football and other professional sports. The aspect that gets the most attention though is concussions and the link to CTE. While I totally agree with the science and admit that overall the sport can be very dangerous and have long term repercussions for the participants, I have to disagree with Adam villainizing football as if it is the only sport that has a high rate of head injuries. The fact is that when accounting for the number of participants, other sports have just as many or more concussions per 100,000 participants. Wrestling and girl’s soccer also have a high rate of head injuries amongst other sports. These sports just don’t get the press that football does because football is the biggest sport in America that get the vast majority of sports media attention.

At the end of the episode Adam recommends serious changes to the sport of football, up to and including the elimination of tackling and contact. Again, if this is the future of the sport of football, then there would also need to be huge changes to the other sports with concussion risks. Hockey, NASCAR, soccer and other sports with the potential of high impact collisions put the players at risk for serious injury. Does this mean that all high level competitive sports will be soon be a thing of the past and all, but vanish in our lifetimes?  NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. may have to retire after dealing with concussion related symptoms that impact his ability to drive at high speeds. Does this impact the long term future of motorsports?

As someone who is obsessed with helmets and traditional football uniforms, the changes to the sport which seem to be inevitable are certainly going to change football uniforms. Helmets as we know them might be gone with players using new sophisticated soft helmets that appear more like the leather helmets from the early days of the sport than anything you see on the field today. Obviously I am biased and somewhat stubborn when it comes to the criticisms of the sports I love, but as Adam points out in the episode, football has always changed in the name of safety and oddly enough the safer it has become the more popular it seems to be. In the beginning it was a college sport and the majority of the population had no interest in it. It was also extremely dangerous and changes had to be made to ensure that there wouldn’t be repeats of the high mortality rate players had playing football in the early 20th century. Maybe, if it happens in my lifetime I will come to terms with the lack of helmets and uniforms I grew up on. Maybe I will end up liking the new version of the sport without tackling and big hits. There is also the possibility that these changes will destroy my interest in the sport and i will move on to some other sport like basketball or Baseball which both have lower concussion rates than football and would seem to make it through what many believe is the inevitable end of contact sports.

In the end I would recommend watching this episode of the show which makes some interesting points. It also features a lot of interesting uniform and NFL logo elements during the presentation. What do you think about the future of football and contact sports in general? Will they be gone in our lifetimes like so many are predicting? Let me know on Twitter, Facebook or comment below if you’re not a robot.